Opinions of special education students on distance education certificate programs


  • Pelin Gür Near East University
  • Zöhre Serttaş Near East University
  • Huseyin Bicen Near East University


In this study, the opinions of the undergraduate, graduate and PhD students were taken who study in the special education department about the certificate programs opened by distance education for the individuals with physical, visual and hearing impairment. The Qualitative research method was used in the research. In this context, the interview questions used in the research were prepared by the researchers. 40 volunteer students from the Department of teaching who were mentally handicapped, MA and PHD programs for the special education have attended the research at the Near East University during 2015-2016 fall semester. The answers given by the students to the questions within the scope of the research were re-examined with the expert opinion and the results were later interpreted by using the induction technique. According to the results of this research, the provided education by distance education method with 24 hour access without time and space limitation gives great advantage to disabled individuals. The distance education certificate programs have also resulted in the employment opportunities for the people with hearing, sight and physical inability as enabling them to continue life without being isolated from the society. Certificate programs about surveyor training, e-marketing and working as an operator in call centers are given for the physically handicapped people. For the visually impaired people certificates are given in order to enable them to work as an operator in call centers, as translators, as online trainers. Lastly, certificates about training for sign language, graphic design, web design and programming are given to the people with hearing impairment