Current trends in professional development: A quick guide for English language educators


  • İsmail Hakki Mirici Hacettepe University
  • Gülsen Pulatsü Ufuk University



Teacher professional development; self-directed learning; personalized professional development; self-assessment


The study aims to highlight the importance of high-quality Teacher Professional Development (TPD), which is essential for upgrading and updating English Language Educators’ qualifications for the current flow of innovations in the field of teaching profession. Since educational backgrounds of teachers may change and pre-service trainings may be inadequate, individual, collegial, or organizational-based TPD is needed for a long-term professional competence. Expanding the knowledge and developing skills and attitude about various aspects in language teaching by using an effective way of TPD is the key issue drawn attention to in This study. Engaging in high-quality TPD while practicing teaching leads educators to willingly expand their career range and take on new responsibilities and job roles such as teacher educators, coordinators, supervisors and administrators to specialize in the field. The aim of this study is to serve as an educational guide of current trends in TPD for foreign language educators, which can be utilized to fabricate a program that should feed individuals both internally and externally.