The importance of old Turkic official-legal documents in teaching of the Turkic language


  • Gatibe Vagif Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, ─░nstitute of Linguistics named after Nasimi



official-legal texts, official-business style, style, teaching, Turkic


The old Turkish official-legal texts, which are important sources in terms of teaching of the political and linguistic history of the Turks, as well as the Turkish legal system, are also important in the study of the history of the emergence, formation and development of the official-business style in Turkic languages. Only after identifying the features specific to the official-business style and systematizing them on the basis of typological classification, how and in which directions studying and teaching official-legal texts and other methodological issues can be solved. In this sense, teaching of the official-legal documents belonging to the ancient Turks, especially the stylistic-linguistic analysis of these texts, conditions the investigation of the old Turkic language from different perspectives. The basis of teaching of the texts is the scientific-theoretical clarification of the issue, the interpretation of the official-business style, the concept of the Turkish legal language.