A Hybrid Digital Marketing Model based on Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing


  • Harikrishnan Nair N J
  • Vinith Kumar Nair




Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Big Data Analytics


To assist marketing strategists in creating various marketing plans for different target markets, lower overhead costs, and boost the effectiveness of online advertising, the study aims to create an accurate and data-driven digital marketing platform. A Hybrid Digital Marketing Framework (HDMF) is designed in this research to combine the content marketing and inbound marketing strategy using big data analytics. This paper primarily introduces big data mining and related technologies, including the decentralized platform, the web browser, and key modules engaged. It explains these technical foundations, operational procedures, and e-commerce sites to present the main applications and implementation strategies. The particular example is chosen as the study object, and its
implementation of marketing transformation concerning its particular scenario is examined with experimental results. The entire big data marketing procedure, from data collecting to data application, is executed and summed up through the product marketing effect presentation and outcomes analysis using content marketing and inbound marketing strategy.