Addressing Data Concerns and Usage through Law of Attraction on using Intelligent Voice Assistants in Language Classrooms


  • Abdur Rahman
  • J.Karthikeyan
  • Seng Tong Chong



Voice Assistants, Data concerns, Language Learning, Ethical considerations, ICT tools


Data-mining done by data companies on ICT tools and the law of attraction comes out with a similar idea in terms of the outcome produced. In order to comprehend the idea, this paper dwells into the data rights, privacy policies and securities of the target application (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa) that are used in the process of language teaching and learning. A lot of researches focus on the implication of ICT tools in language classrooms and so this paper reports on the ethical considerations that must be looked into before implementation of any ICT tools in language classrooms. Reasons for and against the use of Voice Assistants in terms of data privacy have been discussed with detailing on the similarities between the theory of law of attraction and the effect of data mining. The findings suggest that the constant and productive use of ICT tools in language classrooms will alter the students ’data pattern towards his/her area of study. The research suggests that it is the duty and obligation of the implementer to verify the tools to be inculcated and use it productively.