A Study on Establishing Conversations and Failing to Build Conversations in Business Senario


  • Vasanthan.R
  • D.Keerthi




questionnaire, discussion


The outcomes of a conversation are related to concerns that the conversationalists are aware of and unaware of. Indulging in a discussion using familiar words and terms allows for both access and departure, as well as inadvertent agreement, even before getting to the heart of the topic. There are aspects that influence how well a discussion is orchestrated, and a planned strategy for a
circumstance using standard phrases does not always ensure success. The goal of this study is to evaluate the challenges of engaging in a discussion using the traditional technique, as well as the potential of expanding the bounds of situational language education and language for a specific purpose in the environment. The study's premise is that sticking to known words, phrases, and sentences does not always produce the ideal conversational platform, and that learning language based on a context may meet the fundamental criteria but does not always ensure success. Because they may have greater expertise in engaging in dialogues, an internet survey with a questionnaire was created to study the thoughts and opinions of persons in the field of marketing and company promotion. The data was evaluated and clarified, pointing to potential study areas.