Validation on Social Media and Adolescents: A matter of self esteem


  • Radhika Dhingra
  • Babita Parashar



Social emotional learning, social media, self esteem, adolescents, validation


Children today are part of a technologically complex and advanced society. At an early age they learn to cope up with pressures and challenges of the virtual world. Seeking validation or approval is a core component of human nature. During adolescence the need for being liked plays a critical role as it enhances child’s self-confidence. Comparing ourselves with others and the need for being liked has
been there since time immemorial.
Adolescence is a transitional phase of life as well as crucial phase where changes take place at all levels (Physical, emotional, and psychological). In this phase of rapid growth and development a child needs validation for his social, emotional, and physical developments. Last decade has seen mushrooming of social networking sites. Social networking sites have two salient features: acceptance and interpersonal feedback. A considerable amount of time spent on social media is on seeking validation. Teenagers share pictures, stories, funny videos, articles educational videos, informative blogpost to validate their thought process, viewpoint, opinions, and physical appearance. Social media is playing a pivotal role in shaping their personality and adding to their social emotional learning.
This article contributes to the ongoing discourse in the area of social media usage and need for validation for adolescents and its implications on self-esteem. It would be interesting to find out if social networking sites/ social media has become instrumental for enhancing self-esteem and has it aggravated the need for being liked, popular, famous and has social media validation supported
social esteem in adolescents.