An analytical Evaluation of Secondary State School ELT Coursebook: Sunrise (9)


  • Saad Ibrahim Taha Al-Zeebaree
  • Sardar Bahri Abbduljabar



Course book, School, Evaluation


The main focus of the paper is to appraise Sunrise (9) to discover the strengths and weaknesses in this coursebook. Mixed methodological approaches were used in this evaluative study. The data were gathered numerically by rating the checklist scale to value each criterion. The instrument which was used to collect data was a evaluative checklist because it is a systematic and include all criteria for investigating.
The findings of this applied linguistic study illustrates that Sunrise (9) can be communicative textbook since it applies the key tents of CLT paradigm. It may fit Kurdish learners, might have has attractive physical appearance and supplementary aids. In Addition, it is possible that the textbook has a good balance and integration of skills. On the other hand, the textbook do not cover enough topics about Kurdish culture as it is written especially for Kurdish leaners. Furthermore, it lacks videos which are essential visual elements. As well as, the most of tasks of the coursebook look they are not interesting. Consequently, the pros of the textbook can outweigh the cons of it.