Modern English Classroom Challenges And Creative Teaching Methods


  • Thejas Gigy Thomas
  • Ben J. Milton



Innovative practices, Teaching tools, Visual-aids, E-books, Learning, Technology.


Teaching is a great profession, but it is also a difficult job. The role of teachers has significantly changed throughout time in the modern era with the introduction of new teaching approaches and the manner that digital and smart learning has penetrated the area of education. The paper's major focus is on the difficulties an English teacher can have in the classroom given the existing environment, which is primarily characterised by students' lack of respect for, conviction about, and enthusiasm for the language. When taught using the conventional classroom lecture style, any literary component or any language skill becomes tough and demanding to teach. In order to teach English to these "present-day technologically focused youngsters," there is a need to re-assess the classroom teaching technique in order to meet their needs and the expectations of the students. For tutors to provide the right teachings, they must identify each student's evolving requirements. The fact that there may be issues during the educational process also makes it understandable that it could be stressful. Competent teachers should keep an eye on each difficulty to make sure it doesn't disrupt the learning process. The challenges faced while teaching English can be addressed with the tools and techniques
for education that are already accessible. The study's major focus is on how well teachers and their utilisation of contemporary English teaching tools are compatible.