Semantic openness in the plastic arts


  • Basma Abdullatif Abdulaziz Muhammad
  • Sabah Ahmed Alshaya



Semantic, openness, arts


The semantic openness constitutes the mirror that reflects the imagination and intellectual creativity through awareness and perception and the openness of the borders between cultures and ideas in the effectiveness of invention that appears between contemporary plastic arts, which gives freedom for artists to express and diversify their artistic trends and their acquisition of experiences, and study the concept of openness and its impact on the formation of artistic achievement and the study of semantics And its multiplicity in the formal structure. The openness of the visual text to multiple readings and different connotations. Therefore, we find interpretation contributes to the production of creative texts, and from here the research attempts to be free from commitment to one meaning; therefore, the semantics varied, and the text became open and transgressive to other texts, which leads to the textual openness through the overlapping of texts and the multiplicity of readings. This research aims to know the semantic openness in the plastic arts (painting, sculpture, and ceramics) that includes an artistic product based on a related text with open connotations.