Intellectual Implications of the Duality of Mother and Child in the Social Perspective


  • Misaa Abdul Ameer Abbas
  • Ali Abdullah Aboud Al-kinani



Intellectual Implications, Mother, Child, the Social Perspective


The artistic subject includes relationships derived from the social fabric as the artist is an important part of Society, as well as his ability to express and influence Society through an aesthetic discourse within a dialogue outside the traditional meaning. From this, the focus has been on the intellectual connotations of the mother-child duality, as the forms carry intellectual implications. Through which
the aesthetic meaning is highlighted, the current research focuses on studying (the intellectual implications of the mother-child duality in contemporary sculpture). It included presenting the research problem, which centered on the following question: What is the nature of the intellectual messages of the mother-child duality in contemporary sculpture. The importance of the research
comes from social treatments and from adopting the mother-child duality as an intellectual and critical window. At the same time, the research raises the issue of mother and child with the Iraqi sculptor in the future. The current research aims to reveal the intellectual implications of the sculptural works that carry the content of the mother-child duality. The works of European and nonEuropean sculptors naturalized in Europe were limited to the period ranging (2000-2022) based on the descriptive-analytical method. It also included the duality of the mother and the child from a social perspective, in which the views of the researcher were reviewed with the opinions of sociologists and psychologists on the subject, highlighting the differences and agreement among them. Shedding light on the intellectual and semantic concept of the duality of mother and child, in addition to focusing on the duality of mother and child in contemporary European sculpture, with a focus on research procedures and through which the researcher presented the research community and the research sample, which is about (20) sculptural works that were deliberately tested within the limits of the research spatial and temporal .