Integration of ICT: The Missing Link in the Pre-Service Teacher Training Program at Karachi, Sindh


  • Shireen Azhar
  • Prof.Dr Hosam
  • Syed Sohail Ahmed



Information and Communication technology (ICT), Pre-service teacher training, Pedagogical skills, ICT approaches


In this current study, the researcher explores the integration of information communication technology (ICT) in the teacher training program at the pre-service level. The profession of teaching has become a challenging profession ever in our society as knowledge expands very rapidly and dynamically, and it wants teachers to cope with new technologies in their academic activities. Furthermore, ICT can provide an efficient and effective way for teachers' professional development during pre-service and in-service teacher training; hence, this integration can help connect them with the international community. However, it is very unfortunate that instead of a bulk investment of human and financial resources, the pre-service teacher training program cannot provide prospective teachers with the competencies, necessary skills, and job experience to prepare them for using ICT for the future profession. Similarly, in the current paper, we have taken the issues and application of ICT that supports the teacher's pre-service Education for pedagogical skills. Hence, it was concluded that ICT should be the basic tool when selecting and staffing the teachers in these colleges.