The Teaching Practices Level among the Secondary School Physics Teachers for the Second Grade in Light of the Scientific Inquiry Characteristics in Riyadh City


  • Nawal Fahhad Alotaibi
  • Nouf Fahad ALZuhair



Inquiry - Inquiry practice - Teaching physics - Physics teachers - Second grade of secondary school


The study aims to uncover the teaching practice level among secondary school physics teachers for the second grade in Riyadh. The study used a descriptive survey to attain its goal. The study item was a notecard, and the sample included 61 female public school Physics teachers. The results revealed a lack of physics teachers' teaching practices in second-grade secondary school for scientific inquiry characteristics such as scientificoriented questions, formulating explanations from evidence, linking descriptions to scientific knowledge, and communicating and justifying explanations. Moreover, there were no statistically significant variations in physics teachers' teaching techniques based on years of experience, except for behaviors relating descriptions to scientific knowledge, favoring professors with 15 years or more of experience. Except for teaching practices linked to "communication and justification of explanations," there were statistically significant variations between physics teachers' teaching practices for variable training courses in scientific inquiry. As a result of these findings, the researcher proposes providing training and professional development programs for female instructors in scientific investigations and revising teacher preparation programs for male and female teachers.