Naturere representation in the Monasteries Poetry book of Al-Asbahani


  • Dalal Maan Abdullah
  • Dr.Salah Kadhim Hadi



Image – Nature – Monasteries Poetry


Poetry representation seeks to highlight the image that impressed the poet as a result of what he witnessed with a live visual painting that is present in front of his eyes of the beauty of the Christian monasteries; as a result of its breathtaking geographical location, and the efforts of its monks to remain in the best form in front of its followers of Christians, poets and others, until it became the right for the learners of literature to be called the literature of Monasteries; because of its distinctive poems that departed from its old perspective in the paintings of the atlases and the description of the camel, and became verses that radiate comfort, humanity and pleasure, which was the cause of his poetry or poetry systems; to paint the image of the monastery hidden in the mind of the recipient
between its lines, by means of its semantics and delicate verbal images that served its purpose, by consolidating the image of the Christian religions and their beauty and their monasteries, psychological and psychological illiteracy in the mind of the reader, and remained circulating in history, geography and literature with the same importance.