Challenge of integrating writing aspects in process-oriented approach classroom and their roles to students' writing ability


  • Addise Abame Wachemo University



Challenge, Integrate, process approach stages, writing aspects, writing ability


Implementation of a process-based approach was used to increase the writing skills of native and non-native writers. In this area, various Research has been conducted by different researchers. However, the tasks of integrating writing aspects in the stages of process writing have not been given due attention by many researchers in EFL classes. This study aimed to evaluate the role of practicing writing aspects in process-based approach classroom activities to improve students' writing ability. The practice of writing aspects in the process-based approach's stages has been implemented for 16 weeks in an integrated manner. An action research design and comprehensive sampling technique guided the study. Tests, reflective journals, and questionnaires were used to collect data. Accordingly, we found inadequate awareness and poor prior predispositions to practicing writing were identified as the core challenges in the preliminary phase. After action interventions, we found that ordaining the steps of the process approach ignited students to integrate cognitive, linguistic, and social components of writing. Thirdly, the study found that cyclical practicing on writing aspects improved students' writing ability. This implies scaffolding students' writing in rhetorical aspects improves their thinking process and writing ability. It was also noticed that it lessened writing apprehension.