The role of modern semantic theories in the teaching and learning process (based on German materials)


  • Khuraman Askerova Azerbaijan University of Languages



Philosophical analysis of socio-economic, socio-political, cultural processes of the modern era includes their historical roots, including philosophical research. It is necessary to clarify the meaning of rational bases on which it is possible to develop effective educational strategies, taking into account the situation that creates non-standard difficulties for society in a constantly changing world. Currently, there are real opportunities for the development and implementation of new educational strategies that will meet the needs of the modern development of society on the one hand, and take into account the spiritual dimension of human existence on the other hand.

These processes affect many problems related to both the analysis of existing educational systems and doctrines, and the search for new ways that take into account existing experience. Modeling is a method of studying social phenomena and processes based on replacing conventional images of real objects with their analogues. In my modeling process, the characteristics, relationships and directions of the studied systems and processes are reflected, which allows us to assess their state, make predictions and make informed decisions.

  The article talks about the role of semantic theories in the teaching process based on the German language materials, the ways that allow to determine the importance of the justification of the methodological level for the implementation of the pedagogical paradigm.