Teachers’ vıews on teaching social studies supported with augmented reality


  • Şeniz Şensoy Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi





This study was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of activity-based teaching method supported with augmented reality on space perception skills of fifth grade students. The study group consisted of 12 volunteer classroom teachers in total, including eight female and four male teachers in a private school affiliated to the Ministry of National Education of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It aimed to evaluate teachers’ views about the contribution of instructional leadership of classroom teachers on students’ motivation. The data were collected using a qualitative research method by receiving teachers’ views. A semi-structured interview form was used to collect the data. The study results have shown that the augmented reality applications are inadequate in teaching space perception skills and there is a need for technological support. However, teachers cannot use technology-based educational applications in their lessons due to the lack of physical equipment.