Customized learning management system for the students and teachers of Isabela State University-Ilagan Campus, Philippines


  • Jhoan Paguirigan Isabela State University



COVID19, Flexible Teaching-learning Modality, Open-source LMS, New Normal, TelEducation


The COVID19 pandemic causes academic institutions to shift from traditional face-to-face to online teaching and learning processes. Nevertheless, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) supports freedom for the institutions to choose which Learning Management (LMS) to implement as a learning platform. The study helps determine if the campus is ready to adopt an open-source LMS that enhances the abilities of the faculty, staff, and students in online learning environment. The need analysis on establishing a customized LMS of ISU-Ilagan aims to assess the readiness in terms of learning resources, human resources, ICT resources and financial resources. The study used meta-synthesis and descriptive research methods to determine the readiness of the campus to adopt an open source LMS. Conclusions implies that the campus is ready in establishing a customized online learning environment. The customized LMS which is the TelEducation Moodle-Based Learning Management System served as a tool in flexible teaching-learning modality in the new normal. In addition, the customized LMS TelEducation is capable of performing better results as compared with other LMS as regards to its resources on learning materials, human, ICT and financial aspects.