Revisiting the level of school-based management in public elementary schools of Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines


  • Jonathan Roque Isabela State University



Public elementary school, School-based management system, ., stakeholder


The study aimed to determine the level of implementation of school-based management in public elementary schools in Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines. It also investigated the level of stakeholders’ engagement in terms of school programs, school projects and school activities. The descriptive method of research was used in order to present the data and correlational analysis was also used in order to determine the relationship between the stakeholders’ engagement and the implementation of school-based management.  Result shows that the stakeholders’ engagement is on the level where stakeholders engage in a productive working relationship, the level of implementation of School-Based Management is collaboratively developed by the school community and there is a significant relationship between stakeholders’ engagement and implementation of School-Based Management. It is recommended that the public elementary may enhance the promotion advocacy that supports the sustainability of school programs, projects, and activities and there is a need of further orientation on the roles of the public-school teachers to effectively perform their functions.