Mathematics examination anxiety of middle school seniors



The concept of Mathematics Examination Anxiety needs to be highlighted because of being important for academic success and future plans of students. However, this research’s scope is middle school seniors. This paper struggles to present the data with anxious students about mathematics examinations while they are on transition step to high-school. The participants of this study were 375 seniors from 14 different middle schools, in Malatya. In the research, Mathematics Examination Anxiety Scale (Şan, 2014) was adapted for 8th grade students and applied to determine the level of the mathematics examination anxiety. Also, the relations between the followings were examined: Mathematics Examination Anxiety Level, Academic Success both in general and mathematics in fall semester, the raw score of both High-School Entrance Exam in mathematics and the overall tests, gender, parents education level, gender of students’ mathematics teachers. Middle school seniors show mathematics examination anxiety symptoms “frequently”. The frequency level significantly differentiated according to gender and parents’ educational status. The level is also found to be correlated with academic success. Middle school senior students show higher mathematics examination anxiety levels than regular students. This emotional-state is limited to evaluative academic tasks but could be extended too many educational situations as participation and homework tasks. It is suggested that assessment process should include the affective measurements for middle school students