The Automotive Technology Courses in State Universities and Colleges in the Philippines to Cater the Industry Needs


  • Ronie Torres Isabela State University



Automotive technology, National competency, TESDA


The study conducted to determine the status of the automotive technology programs among State Universities and Colleges in the Philippines which serves as a guide for university’s program improvement. The descriptive method of research through convenience sampling was used and the questionnaire as the main data gathering tool for the respondents. The results showed that the courses were compliant in terms of curriculum, facilities, and supervised industrial training, but the faculty lacked industry experience and did not fully meet the requirements for trainers in automotive. The study also identified the strengths of the courses, including exposure to the industry and competent students. The recommendations include improving faculty qualification through immersion and training, developing a more relevant and updated curriculum aligned with industry needs, and conducting further studies in other trade areas.