Genre Poetics Of Fitrat’s Dramas


  • Ganiev Ilham Muzaffarovich



author, genre, poetics, tragedy, conflict, character, plot, composition


This article analyzes the works, plays of Fitrat who is as a famous major dramanavis in the history of Uzbek literature. Also, in this the issues considered whether the author's terms fall into the mold of the conquests of literary science. Fitrat has occupied a special place in the history of Uzbek literature as a major dramanavis. He is the author of more than a dozen plays of different genres and themes.
However, if from these works “Abulfayzhan”, “Lion”, “Indian dissenters”, “True love”, and “Rebellion of Evil to the God” have come down to us, the singles “Oguzhan”, “Timur’s mausoleum” still remain one of the arduous pages of the literature of the 20s century. As long as we are talking about genre poetics, it is necessary to solve the question of how Fitrat defined the genre of his plays, whether the author’s terms fall into the mold of the invasions of literary science. It should be borne in mind that the study of this issue in the context of the literature of the 20s, where Uzbek drama is still going through an initial period, will only allow to draw objective conclusions.