A proposed Vision for the Leadership of Education Institutions on Gifted Caring in Light of Participative Leadership


  • Abdulelah A. ALduraywish
  • Asma Y. ALomari
  • Yhya A. ALamri




Dimensions; Education institutions; Gifted caring; participative leadership; Supervisors


The study aims to identify the status of gifted caring in education institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It also attempts to identify the degree of practice by the two heads of participative leadership from the perspective of supervisors in the management of gifted caring. Thus, the study eventually aims to provide a proposed vision for education institutions of gifted caring in light of participative leadership. The study adopted the descriptive survey approach together with the descriptive-analytical method. The study sample involved (102) supervisors. The population comprised all male and female supervisors working for the ministry of education in KSA whose number amounted to (206) supervisors in addition to all ministry circulars related to gifted caring and all relevant studies that tackled education institution leadership in light of the precipitative type. The researchers designed a questionnaire of four dimensions which included (31) items. The study's foremost results revealed that the administration leadership status ranked “medium.” As for the practice of the two heads of the gifted, caring leadership, it also ranked “medium” for all domains, which are: management duties, authorization, human relations, and finally, media and communication domains. The researchers also proposed a vision for the leadership of educational institutions for gifted caring in light of participative leadership by designing an integrated model for the issue. The researchers also put down specific steps to be followed in applying the vision. The study concludes with numerous recommendations and suggestions.