Effectiveness of an Educational Program on University Collegians’ Perceptions of Healthy Exercise pattern


  • Ayed A. Mustafa Ministry of Iraq
  • Hala S . Abdel Wahed College of Nursing, University of Baghdad




Effectiveness, Educational program, University students, Dietary pattern


Objective(s): To find out the effectiveness of an educational program on university students' perceptions of a healthy exercise pattern.

Methodology: A quasi-experimental study to find out the exercise pattern of Mosul University students for the period from 9th November  2022 to 2nd January  2023, the sample of (60) students. The questionnaire consists of two parts: a part that measures social and demographic information and includes (6) items, and a part that measures healthy lifestyle data with regard to exercise pattern and includes (10) items. Determine the validity of the content of the questionnaire by presenting it to experts and using the half-division technique and calculating the Pearson correlation coefficient to determine the validity.

Results: The results of the data showed that all (60) students in the study sample did not have an adequate level of perception of the healthy physical activity pattern in the pre-test, while the results of the post-test after implementing the program were high, which shows that there is an improvement in their perceptions of the healthy physical activity pattern.

Conclusions: The study showed that there was an improvement in perceptions of a healthy lifestyle related to exercise pattern in the study group compared to those in the control group.

Recommendations: The study recommended the need to develop educational programs, lectures, courses and seminars on the benefits of a healthy exercise pattern that university students must follow to increase their perceptions that lead to changing their lifestyle and getting rid of wrong behaviors and habits.