Authority of Students' Art Works Copyright in Online Classes during Covid Pandemic at Vietnamese Universities of Applied Arts


  • Dr.Nguyen Trong Diep



digital transformation, education, factors, copyright, artwork, students, online learning


Purpose: This study aims to point out the factors affecting the copyright for applied art works of Vietnamese universities of applied arts during the period of online learning due to Covid-19.
Framework: Intellectual property is considered as a set of rules by which societies have developed to regulate access to cultural and intellectual knowledge dependent on social and technological developments.
Method: The study used quantitative research methods with the voluntary participation of 460 students from a public university in Hanoi. We used purposeful sampling technique in this study. Participants are selected for various purposes, such as access to data on their learning outcomes, their creative process, their works and the program they are studying at the university.
Findings: The obtained results show that there are the following factors that directly affect students' copyright when they make online presentations about their applied art works, which are: (1) Internal regulations and technological measures to monitor copyright infringement; (2) Students' awareness of copyright issues; (3) Activities to remind lecturers about copyright issues; (4) Control of copyright infringement for applied art works. From the research results, we try to come up with solutions to solve the effects of factors affecting copyright on students' applied art works so that they can feel more secure when participating in online learning classes.
Originality values: Digital transformation in education at universities in Vietnam is an inevitable trend, in line with the development of science and technology in the world.