Self- Categorization of University Students


  • Ali Hussein Al-Mamouri
  • Nawras Ali Haddawi



Self- categorization, university students


Identification of the following is the goal of the current study:

1- The Self – Categorization of the university students.

Students at Babylon University make up the study's population. (Morning Study) including both genders (males and females) that majoring (Scientific and Humanities) studies for the school year 2022-2023. The research sample consisted of  (380) male and female students were selected by stratified random method with appropriate distribution,  and to achieve the objectives of the research, the  researcher adopted the  self-classification scale (Al-Saadi 2010)  in this research, based on the theory (Turner 1979)   It was presented to a group of specialized arbitrators to judge the validity of its paragraphs, and then the psychometric properties were extracted for it through the application to the research sample  of (380) male and female students,  and the  value of the stability coefficient by Alpha Cronbach method (0.8 5) and by re-testing method (0.81)  After the scale became in its final form (42) items, the researcher applied  it to the research sample of (380) male and female students, and the  researcher built   a scale of emotional dissonance based on the theory (1983, Hochschild  )  of emotional dissonance  As well as it was presented to a group of experts arbitrators were also extracted psychometric properties of it, as the coefficient of stability of the scale in the manner of Alpha Cronbach (0.8 8) and the method of re-testing (0.83) and after confirming the validity of the scale was applied in its final form (30) paragraph on the research sample.

After finishing the application, the researcher utilized the proper statistical techniques to analyze the data with the help of the statistical bag for social sciences, and the results of the research showed the following:

1- The university students have the ability for Self – Categorization .