Building and Developing Political Theory Teacher: Importance, Difficulties and Solution Orientation


  • Van HongVu



Building and developing, teacher of political theory, education innovation, importance, difficulties, solution orientation


Political theory subjects are compulsory subjects in the Vietnamese education system, forming a contingent of teachers who teach these subjects in the national education system of Vietnam from the high school level to college, university, and graduate university. Over the years, this team has grown in quantity and quality, meeting the needs of education reform in general and higher education in
particular. However, this development has not yet met the practical needs in quantity and quality. This study shows that, in order to comprehensively renovate the education system, it is necessary to build and develop a team of teachers who are professional, dedicated to the profession, and have foreign language and computer skills. However, in the process of building and developing a contingent of political theory teachers, many difficulties have arisen in terms of training policy, salary, and bonuses as well as international integration. On the basis of studying the State’s legal documents on comprehensive reform of education, on building and developing a contingent of teachers; surveying the reality of the need to build and develop a contingent of political theory teachers; this study recommends oriented solutions to build and develop this team in the future.