A Critical Analysis of Policy Initiatives for Empowering the Other Gender


  • Sohaib Alam Department of English, College of Sciences and Humanities in Al-Kharj, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Farhan Ahmad
  • Sadaf Khalid




Empowerment, Growth & Development of Women, Laws & Act of Women Empowerment, Govt. Policies& Schemes


Women account for almost 50 % of the populace of any nation; therefore, their contribution to growth cannot be overlooked. Females are unquestionably the foundation of every civilization, performing numerous tasks every day. They have, nevertheless, been a marginalized section of the community in many areas of the globe. Female’s roles in India have always been much larger than their social definitions, which reflect the overall gender prejudice. A country cannot achieve its long-term goals without trained women since women are the moms who write a generation’s destiny.ChetanSanghi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development, once said: “We would like to change the paradigm to women-led development”. In India, female rights have improved dramatically in the past several years. In India, a significant number of females are leaving their homes to pursue education. To restore their rightful and dignified status,governments, NGO’s, various agencies have initiated empowerment programmesthatdeliver a powerfulbasis to raising the internal solid pointin additionto self-worth for the rural females. The Indian government has proclaimed 2001 to be the
year of female liberation. The RajyaSabha approved the Female’s Quota Bill on March 9, 2010, one day after International Women’s Day, guaranteeing 33 % seats for women in parliament and state parliaments. Now is the moment to recognize the importance of women’s empowerment via knowledge and leadership advancement in a fast-growing nation like India. This article aims to examine problems connected to female liberation and to provide solutions in the form of different government policies to achieve this goal.