Students’ Satisfaction On Blended Learning During The New Normal: Input To Curriculum Review


  • Remalyn A. Ocampo



blended learning, online learning, face-to-face, interaction, instruction, course management


Blended learning has been popular during this new normal. It is a mixture of online and face-to-face mode of learning. This study assessed the level of students’ satisfaction in blended learning and its effect to the academic performance of college freshmen. A concoction of quantitative and qualitative approach was used in this study. In quantitative approach, descriptive-correlation design was employed. Sixty students enrolled in Mathematics in the Modern World of Bachelor of Science in Fisheries were respondents of the study. Findings showed 62 percent are male, 93 percent are single, most or 45 percent have available internet connection but sometimes stable, 78 percent use mobile data connection and smartphone found to be the rank 1 available gadget at home; the mean grade of students is 85.88 with standard deviation of 5.5; the over-all satisfaction level of students with the used of blended is 4.31 describes very much satisfied. The grade of students differ when grouped according to sex. Sex and classroom interaction significantly associated in the improvement of students performance in mathematics. It is concluded that teaching and learning process at this new normal is very challenging however all teachers need to take the challenge of teaching in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction and optimum academic performance as well. Blended learning has been difficult to implement but once instruction is done with all-out interaction where every learner are encourage to raise their doubts and clarified by teacher, where instructions are effective, instructors welcome all members to be comfortable during discussions, where there is observance of proper discipline and when the gadgets being used are in good technical condition. If students have sufficient and advanced technology as well as robust internet access, the blended learning system would have been an effective learning and teaching approach.