Medical and social assessment and quality of life of children suffering from iron deficiency anemia


  • F. R. Kamalova
  • M.M.Dzhumaniyazova



iron deficiency anemia, dental health, quality of life.


About 2 billion people worldwide suffer from anemia. Moreover, the symptom is most often diagnosed in children. According to WHO, anemia is present to some extent in 47.4% of preschool children and 25.4% of school-age children. Anemia has the most significant impact on oral health. Therefore, pediatric dentists should be aware of the course of oral diseases in children with anemia. Nowadays, it is no secret that modern scientific work done in the field of dentistry tends to determine the relationship between dental health and various concomitant diseases of the whole body. Anemia, which is common in childrenе, can be the most common chronic disease among adults, and thus can lead to various complications.