Role Of Human Resources Management Practices (Hrmp) On Organizational Performance: An Exploratory Study From Malaysian Smes


  • Chee Vui Wong
  • Yuk Fong Chin



Malaysia, Exploratory Research, Human Resource Management, HRM, Organizational Performance, Resource Based View, SMEs


Although much research has been conducted on the various aspects of human resource management (HRM), knowledge is still lacking concerning its impacts on SMEs. Hence there exists a general assumption that the HRM practices employed bylarge business entitiesare also applicable to SMEs. Using a theory known as the resource-based view, the current exploratory study examines the effects of HRM practices on Malaysian SMEs. Questionnaire surveysinvolving 298 respondents based within local SMEs were gathered to further understand how HRM practices affect the organizational performances of these SMEs. The outcomes were analyzed using the Pearson Correlation as well asthe Multiple Linear Regression analyses which indicate that specific HRM practices significantly affect Malaysian SMEs.