The Role Of The Metaverse In Digital Marketing


  • Dr.G.Nagarajan
  • SundharaMoorthy.V
  • Dr.A.Khan Mohamed
  • Dr.A.SulthanMohideen
  • Dr M Mohamed Ishaq
  • M.Raja Lakshmi



Metaverse, virtual connectivity, advertising,Metaverse marketing, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, marketing techniques.


The Metaverse is a postulate new release of our online world with steady online 3-D digital surroundings. The conventional advertising method transfigured into the time period ‘METAVERSE’. Metaverse adjustments the critiques of customers with product and services within the modern-day situation. The office work has a full-size type of Metaverse correlating to advertising. The strategical method, components of the Metaverse, and the scope are the principal viewpoints of Metaverse marketing. Innumerable corporations have amalgamated with Metaverse advertising and marketing technically to provoke their merchandise. The present-day article analyses the concept of the Metaverse in touching on marketing with its wide scope and strategies. The studies are predicated at the framework of strategies, ease, and the additives of Metaverse advertising. The idea of the Metaverse is mentioned on this work on the descriptive papers the concept of the Metaverse is explained within the article, when it comes to advertising and marketing. The paper also undergoes the future implications with SWOC evaluation and suggested the internal and external factors that provoke the enterprise overall performance.