A study on service quality in higher education institutions with special reference to western Tamilnadu


  • B.Dhanasekaran
  • Dr.P. Marishkumar
  • Dr.S.Sunil
  • Dr.S.Subhashini




higher educational institutions, innovative


Service quality is regarded as the managerial efforts in facilitating activities of acquiring, creating, storing, sharing, diffusing, developing, and deploying service by individuals and groups. The Learned people and Higher Educational Institutions are considered as the service society, service hub respectively. Academic sector has significant opportunities to apply Service quality practices to support its education, research and also facilitate the nation in achieving the set of objectives. Service quality in higher educational institutions provides a set of practices for linking people such as students, teachers, researchers, business, and external entities also link with technology. It also focuses on how institutions can promote strategies and practices that help different actors and practitioners to share, manage and apply new service in Service quality encompasses much more, going beyond the intrinsic service industry of colleges and universities. At present educational are striving very hard to improve their standard, quality and adding more and more value to the services in order to attract quality of students and faculty members. This situation has raised the need to implement the service quality practices in the educational institutions in order to achieve their mission, be competitive, remain innovative, and ensuring the satisfaction of stakeholder’s expectations.