Organizational Silence Among Teachers and its Relationship to Leadership Styles in High Schools in Arar City


  • Dr.OmeirYetaimAlenezi



Organizational silence, Secondary school,leadership styles, Democratic style,Authoritarian style,Messy style, Arar city


This study aims to determine the relationship between teachers' organizational silence and leadership styles in secondary schools in the city of Arar. In order to achieve the objectives of this study, the descriptive approach was used. The questionnaire is used to collect data. The questionnaire was answered by the study sample, numbering 233 male and female teachers from the secondary schools of the city of Arar. The results of the study showed that the arithmetic averages in the field of the degree of organizational silence among teachers in secondary schools in the region were high, while the results of the second question showed that the shows that " Authoritarian style " receives the highest mean  regarding the degree of agreement followed by " Messy style" with mean while " Democratic style " was ranked last.The results of the third question are shown that there is a negative correlation Democratic style and Organizational Silence, a positive  correlation between Authoritarian style and Organizational Silence, and a positive  correlation between Messy style and Organizational Silence.Thisstudy recommendedEstablishing a system for appointing high school leaders in Arar city in accordance with standards for establishing a leader who has in-depth theoretical and practical expertise and a supportive attitude toward teamwork.