Islamic Identity in Light of Contemporary Intellectual Challenges


  • Hassan Hameed Obead
  • Salman Ali



Islamic identity, contemporary intellectual challenges, globalization, orientalism, physical, relativity, utilitarianism, feminism, Western centralism


The human being is linked ontologically with his identity and sees that he is worthless without it. Therefore, the question of identity at anage of contemporary and accelerating intellectual challenges is one of the essential questions that preoccupy the world. This study is concerned with the issue of Islamic identity in light of these challenges and it is divided into three topics . In the first, the Islamic
identity and its characteristics are defined while the most prominent features of the contemporary intellectual challenges are presented in the second . The third topic tackles the effects of these challenges on the Islamic identity. The study concludes that Islamic identity is based on many components such as belief, language, values, history, etc., and is concerned with divinityas a source, the non-separation between the religious and worldly affairs, collectivism, and moderation. On the other hand, contemporary
intellectual challenges are characterized by materialism, utilitarianism , complexity ,nihilism, decisiveness,aggressiveness, western centralism , racism, humanismand scientism. Alike they are featured by exploiting several means to spread out through them such as states, international organizations, lobbies, social media platforms, foreign schools and universities, and the media. They have had negative effects on Islamic identity such as the absence of the spiritual and faith dimension, weakness of Arabic language, family disintegration, the predominance of individualism over collectivism , and obstructing the Islamic da`wa(call) . In order to reduce these influences, it is necessary to realize the challenges and to understand reality, strengthen belonging to Islam, enhance Arabic language, increase da`wa activity, and intensify communication and social solidarity among Muslims .