Parents Representation in Children’s Book: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis Framework


  • Sani Dauda Ibrahim
  • Dr.Marwan Al-Thunaibat



Hausa, multimodal resources


This paper examines how parents are represented in their children books using the multimodal discourse analysis framework. It seeks to answer the following questions: what are the multimodal resources been drawn on in presenting the role of parents in the children’s books? what does the multimodal resources revealed about the role of parents in the children’s book? Do the multimodal resources align with the Hausa culture? It is a qualitative research and the data were purposely selected from an information book titled Modern Social Studies for Nigerian Primary Schools (books 1 & 3). An ethnographic content analysis technique was adopted. The result shows that colour, images, and language are the multimodal resources that displayed the role of parents in the book we selected. It also shows that nurturing is the overall role of parents conveyed by the multimodal resources. Moreover, it also shows that the language used aligned with the Hausa norms and values, while some images aligned and others did not.