Critical Discourse Analysis in English Language Teaching: The American President Speech at the 2023 National Safer Communities Summit


  • Sadouki Lazhar
  • Abdelhamid Djeghoubb
  • Ahmed Noureddine Belarbi



Critical Discourse Analysis, Political Discourse, Joe Biden, National Safer Communities Summit 2023, Fairclough’s CDA model


This research endeavours to dissect the intricate web of political communication after thoroughly analysing The American President speech presented at the National Safer Communities Summit 2023 using a comprehensive critical discourse analysis (CDA). This study seeks to clarify the various aspects of power and ideology present in the speech through the utilisation of Fairclough's Model of Critical Discourse Analysis as the analytical framework. By scrutinising linguistic choices, rhetorical strategies, and discursive patterns, the analysis uncovers the ways in which language functions as a tool for constructing and disseminating political agendas. Employing a mixed-methods approach, the research seamlessly combines textual analysis with contextual exploration to unravel not only the linguistic intricacies but also the broader sociopolitical context that frames the discourse. Amidst President Biden's articulation of his vision for safer communities, this study reveals the nuanced intersections of language, power, and governance. By unmasking the underlying power dynamics and ideologies woven into the fabric of political discourse, this research contributes to an enhanced understanding of how language shapes public perception and policy discourse. Ultimately, this study underscores the imperative of critically engaging with political speeches to foster an informed and participatory citizenry, highlighting language's pivotal role in shaping our collective political consciousness.