Modeling Analysis of Modeling Results Modern Situation and Perspective Development in Teaching Communication Technologies


  • Gunel Novruzova Siyavush Ganja State University, Department of Computer Science and Algebra, Azerbaijan



Forms and methods, training, modeling, information technology


A model is a cognitive tool and an object that can be represented materially or imaginary, and in the process of research, the object replaces the original, and its direct study provides new knowledge about the original object. The study discusses the main issues, the methodology for using a computer model in computer science lessons, describes the effectiveness of using computer models in the methodology of teaching computer science and learning new material using communication technologies, as well as the impact on the process of assimilation of the acquired knowledge by creating a model of the object being studied, various software applications. The study also focuses on modeling issues, information and communication in modeling issues which consists of researching the possibilities of implementation of technologies.