Assessment of teaching skills with e-Rubrics in Master of Teacher Training


  • Daniel David Martínez Romera Universidad de Málaga
  • Daniel Cebrián Robles Universidad de Málaga
  • Manuel Cebrián de la Serna Universidad de Málaga


Technology impact assessments in high-schools give different results depending on the context. However, there are coincidences as to the important role of teachers in successful experiences, especially when they carry out an analysis of their practices together. This paper studies the impact of collaborative methodologies and peer review using technologies as CoRubric for negotiation and use of collaborative rubrics, and the acquisition of digital skills in the initial training of high school teachers. The case study was conducted with a group of 27 master students of secondary education teachers in social science specialty at Malaga University generating a collaborative methodology to building a rubric where 260 records of contents were analyzed by category analysis. This methodology was supported by educational technologies in order to agree on the criteria for assessment of student presentations, with a high rate of participation among them. As conclusions of the work are showed that the proximity among the evaluations given by student and professor is getting closer thanks to the increased eRubric use.