Leadership and corporate citizenship: What can we learn from woman leaders in the Andalusian Companies


  • Trinidad Núñez Domínguez Universidad de Sevilla
  • Araceli Estebaranz García Universidad de Sevilla


This paper presents a study of business leadership in medium and large Andalusian companies with a gender focus. It is related with corporate responsibility practices, emphasizing ethics, social and political demands of the business world. This is part of the axis of Equal Opportunities in the work of the Equal Project, an initiative of the European Social Fund (2002-2007). Key concepts, research methodology: Both quantitative, using cuestionnaires, and qualitative, by interviewing, methods and results are defined. Quantitative data on the participation of women in the business, and the qualitative ones that show hotspots are presented: General skills and significant professional women managers and barriers to equality. The conclusions point to the need for a corporate culture change around social responsibility measures to advance equal opportunities, and with it the integration of skills and people in the world of work: the development of more effective and flexible forms of work organization, the Joint leadership and support services that make it possible to reconcile family and professional life as well as to reduce the wage gap between sexes, and support the abolition of the horizontal and vertical occupational segregation. Finally, guidelines for the training of people as citizens, and their relationship to corporate citizenship are suggested.