Contributions of a gender perspective in the training of professors


  • Ana De Anquín Universidad Nacional de Salta
  • Mª Eugenia Burgos Universidad Nacional de Salta
  • Mª Gabriela Soria Universidad Nacional de Salta


This writing intends to critically reflect the experience lived in our work as trainers of trainers (also understood as preparation of teaching staff or educational qualification) in the Center of Social and Educational Research of the North Argentine (CISEN) in the Faculty of Humanities of the National University of Salta. It deals with one elaboration shared that puts in analysis the formative relations from the Gender perspective. The lived process between who they relate to this formative intentionality, assumes the conditions and forms of a group device. We left from not giving by known what is best for the other, who is in formation, knowingly that is part of a continuous one which never it finishes and of which we are part of. Such process is looked more like a deformation, an of-construction that to a new imposition. In individual, uncover gender oppressions, in its intersection with race, sexuality and class can become an analyzer of the domination relations. One is to interrogate our own formatives practices to interrupt the transmission of a violence that can continue exerted on women teachers.