Gender violence in the exercise of citizenship


  • Blanca D. Vázquez Delgado El Colegio de la Frontera Nornte


The recognition of the political rights of women in Mexico can be identified as the first exercise of citizenship of women in the public space. From then to date, is need to defend other rights as full citizens of the country. The aim of this paper is to document an experience of institutional violence by omission -or explicit decision- of the municipal public authority, it given that its responsibilities is to seek the advancement of women in the field of gender equality. This experience reflects the limitations or barriers still exist for the citizenship of women in Mexico. The case analysis is presented in a border town in northern Mexico. The case confirms the findings of other studies in Mexico, where it has been shown that larger deficits are women's participation in decision-making processes. It is clear that within the political sphere, dominated by men, it is not understood that the exercise of citizenship of women and men is an essential requirement of law, and not an act of defiance to the power scheme in the public sphere.