Ecological model of factors associated with dating violence


  • Mª Carmen Monreal-Gimeno Universidad Pablo de Olavide
  • Amapola Povedano-Diaz Universidad Pablo de Olavide
  • Belén Martínez-Ferrer Universidad Pablo de Olavide


Gender violence in teen dating (VPA henceforth) refers to repeated abusive behavior exerts a teenage boy against a girl that maintains or has maintained a relationship with the intention to exercise dominion and control over the girl and the relationship. This behavior is classified into four types of agression: physical, psychological, sexual and economic. Recent research makes visible a reality that affects millions of women worldwide and helps understand the mechanisms of partner violence. One of the most important findings of this research has indicated that the source of this violence comes from the first couple relationship during adolescence. The dynamics of violent relationship established between pairs of young teens seem to have explanatory multi-causal origins. The ecological model of factors associated with domestic violence in teen dating provides an adequate explanatory framework for research work, intervention and prevention in this field. The involvement of teachers and parents in prevention programs and the development of multidisciplinary intervention programs throughout the process to help prevent adolescents who begin a relationship with a violent partner from a different background. Moreover, an increased sensitivity of the media towards this reality would encourage a shift towards more egalitarian and less discriminatory behaviors in roles and beliefs that exist between boys and girls when they start their first relationship.