Constraining issues in face-to-face and Internet-based language testing


  • Jesús García Laborda Universidad de Alcalá
  • Elena Alcalde Peñalver Universidad de Alcalá


Despite the increasing importance of language testing, technology design matters related to testing have hardly been addressed in academic research, yet not enough has been written on test-taking anxiety related to computerized speaking tests. Although students nowadays are digital natives, in our experience they seem to experience a significant level of anxiety when facing Internet-based oral. This research addresses an observational study of 67 students at the University of Alcalá who took a computer-delivered exam. The study concludes that despite students growing up with computers in their lives, we are far from invisible interfaces and independence when it comes to the way an exam is delivered. The results of this research study can shed light on what needs to be revised in computer or internet speaking tasks in high-stakes language tests