Philosophical motives and spiritual imeratives of russian culture (the context of the axiology of creativity)


  • Ignatov Mikhail Alexandrovich


Russian culture, spiritual and moral imperatives, axiology of creativity, musical, literary and philosophical discourse, concept images, integral approach, tradition, innovation, youth.


In the context of the ethical paradigm of spiritual education of young people, "inspired" by the moral
philosophy of Russian culture, to substantiate a creative model in which tradition and innovation are
combined, and the discursive field of which encompasses music, literature, and philosophy. Russian
Russian traditional values are used to conceptualize the integral approach to the understanding and
interpretation of the axiology of creativity, which is based on the dominance of Russian traditional
values, and, first of all, substantiates the actual integration of "Russian leitmotives" into the modern
multicultural environment.; secondly, the task is to increase the priorities in the Russian society and
popularize the national spiritual and value imperatives that are important for the formation of a holistic
cultural and historical worldview of the Russian youth, and to increase the level of their citizenship.