The relationship between physical education and other branch teachers’ stress and anxiety during covid-19


  • İbrahim Dalbudak


COVID 19, Physical Education Teacher, Other Branch Teacher, Stress, Anxiety.


In present study, it was proposed to compare the physical education teachers’ and other branch
teachers’ stress and anxiety levels. 155 physical education (sport) teachers and 126 teachers from other
branch, working in the province of İzmir participated in the study voluntarily. In the study, as a data
collection tool; personal information form, Perceived Stress Scale developed by Cohen et al (1983) and
adapted to Turkish (turkey) by Bilge et al., (2009), and also State-trait Anxiety Inventory which is
designed by Spielberger et al., (1964) and adapted to Turkish (turkey) by Öner and Le Compte, (1983)
were applied and used. SPSS program (statistical software) was used to compare and analyze the
obtained data. In addition; in the analysis of data, means of independent T Test, One-Way Variance
Analysis and Correlation were conducted as a statistical method.
In the study, it was found that there is a strong, positively significant relationship between perceived
stress and state-trait anxiety in individuals. According to the results of the study, it can be said that
stress and anxiety levels of female teachers are higher than male teachers, stress decreases with
increasing age and working years, teachers who do team sports are less stressed, other branch teachers
are more anxious than physical education teachers, and as the level of education increases, anxiety
decreases, the anxiety of teachers who do not have a sports branch is higher than those with a sports
branch, and that the anxiety level of teachers with high monthly income is lower (P<0.05). It is
recommended to encourage teachers to do sports and to provide teachers with in-service training to
cope with stress and anxiety.