The problem of representation of the concept “hero image” in the linguistic and educational process


  • Marina R. Gozalova


French, Russian, Heroic image, Comparative studies, Linguistic means, Educational means


This study's object is linguistic and educatioal means that express the hero image as a phenomenon of
the formation of the process of cultural development of the people. This paper aims to study the
representation of the image of heroin in the linguistic, educational and socio-spiritual space of the youth
of the modern world society. The relevance of the research lies in the fact that the linguistic features
and ways of teaching the hero image and the changes that the image of hero undergoes over time in
the languages of different peoples are explored: in recent years, the world has seen the process of
transforming heroic images, their revaluation, and devaluation. In the modern social and spiritual
space, the image of a real hero changes. The study material was the data from dictionaries, fictious
books, mass media, as well as questionnaires. Europe and, first of all, France for the Russians have
historically been a cultural hero, being guided by which Russia has often transformed itself in the
course of its history, but the image of this cultural hero has greatly changed in the 21st century in the
era of the end of neoliberal globalization.