Collective Learning Method


  • Saparova G. S.


technological literacy, learning methods, collective learning method, professional literacy, universal modes of activity, motivation, learning technologies.


In modern conditions of the development of education, when the goal of improving the quality of
education is set for teachers, it is important to correctly direct the work of the methodological
association of subject teachers.
In these conditions, the most important task of the system of post-secondary, higher, and postgraduate,
additional professional education is mastering the methodology and theory of new didactics, built on
the natural science (scientific) approach to teaching, and the technology of a collective method of
learning (CLM), i.e. technology of mass and high-quality training and education according to ability. It
is the teacher's living in this whole process that determines his technological literacy. In this regard, the
purpose of our article is to reveal the main way of forming technological literacy of practitioners,
mastering CLM technology, the technology of “teaching” a student, its application in teaching practice,
which will allow “to include each student in communicative and cognitive activity.”