Within the scope of leadership: A review of doctoral dissertations in Turkey conducted between 2018-2022


  • Leyla Yılmaz Fındık Hacettepe University




The purposes of this study are to analyze doctoral theses on leadership conducted in Turkey between 2018 and 2022 in order to have a holistic understanding of literature in the field of leadership. The study was designed as a qualitative descriptive study based on content analysis. Data of the study was collected from the thesis center database provided by Turkish Council of Higher Education. The keyword “leadership” was searched in the database. A total of 424 results were reached. Out of 424 theses, 369 were excluded, 55 theses were selected and analyzed. Data analysis indicates that doctoral theses mostly focused on leadership behaviors and leadership styles. The majority of the doctoral dissertations employed quantitative methods such as descriptive and correlational survey method. The majority of the study participants were teachers.