Model of smart lecture halls towards the trend of high-tech teaching and the connection between Business and University


  • Hằng Nguyễn Trường Đại học Công nghệ thông tin và truyền thông
  • Hang Nguyen Thi



The application of high-tech equipment to teaching and learning at universities is a common trend in the world, especially in countries with advanced education. The Edtech trend has developed in Vietnam since 2018, marking the development of Vietnamese education, when technological progress from new technologies has been strongly deployed in education. This helps to form a new teaching method towards digital education. It is the maximum promotion of the role of learners and teachers, especially this trend towards developing learners' capacity. Therefore, the study is trying to examine the impact of digital transformation and the issue of university-enterprise cooperation in developing intelligent learning models. That helps to improve teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes in higher education. The method of survey and survey by questionnaire combined with in-depth interview method is applied to evaluate, analyze, identify and prove the proposed hypotheses. The study proposes the widespread application and deployment of the smart lecture hall model in creating a new learning method for existing educators that integrates Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Simultaneously combined with Team-Based Learning teaching methods. Smart classroom model facilitates two-way interaction, students clearly show their central role in teaching sessions. The "Smart Classroom" model will continue to contribute to shortening the gap in education infrastructure of Vietnam with other countries in the region and the world, towards realizing the goal of digital transformation in education.